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We are able to offer a total support and supply capability through from design, manufacture, construction and installation.The Physical evidence of our success and experience is vast. It ranges from logistically complex multi-product hose work packages to large value technically driven modules ...

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                Proper installation of the hose is essential to the proper operation and safe use of the hose and related equipment. Improper installation of the hose can result in serious injury or property damage caused by spraying fluids or flying projectiles. In order to avoid serious bodily injury or property damage resulting from improper installation of the hose, you should carefully review the information in this catalog regarding hose installation.
               Some of the factors you must consider in installing the hose properly are:
                          • Changes in length
                          • Proper bend radius
                          • Protection from high temperature sources
                          • Elbows and adapters to relieve strain
                          • Rubbing or abrasion
                          • Twisting
                          • Improper hose movement
              These factors and the other information in this catalog regarding hose installation should be considered by you before installing the hose. If you have any questions regarding proper hose installation, please contact Eaton Technical Support.

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