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We are able to offer a total support and supply capability through from design, manufacture, construction and installation.The Physical evidence of our success and experience is vast. It ranges from logistically complex multi-product hose work packages to large value technically driven modules ...

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Proper maintenance of the hose is essential to the safe use of the hose and related equipment. Hose should be stored in a dry place. Hose should also be visually inspected. Any hose that has a cut or gouge in the cover that exposes the reinforcement should be retired from service. Hoses should also be inspected for kinking or broken reinforcement. If the outside diameter of the hose is reduced by 20% at the spot where it is bent then the hose should be retired from service. Inadequate attention to maintenance of the hose can result in hose leakage, bursting, or other failure which can cause serious bodily injury or property damage from spraying fluids, flying projectiles, or other substances.

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